Four Fall Fashion Trends That Will Make You Feel Like Kanye

written by: forrest bloom

Did you know that Kanye West once made Kim Kardashian cry after he went through her wardrobe and discarded almost everything? Seems a little mean, but Kanye lives and breathes his aesthetic. He's confident in his choices and understands the massive power of fashion. Every article of clothing that you choose to wear is a direct representation of your being. Anybody can google a Kanye West lookbook and put together some Kanye-esque outfits, but it takes a truly self-aware and confident person to find their own style and create their own vision. Here are 5 different fall fashion trends to inspire you to be your own visionary. 

Tuck Your Pants Into Your Socks

It's a nerdy trick that satisifies both form and function requirements. Don't believe me? Kanye West, Shia Labeouf, and Gosha Rubchinskiy can all be seen sporting this look. It provides a sleek, athletic silhouette while keeping your pants locked in.  It's especially stylish when done with joggers or even tapered chinos, and I find that helps keep those almost-too-loose joggers from sagging down. Although this fashion trick is an easy way to show off your fancy socks, it looks just as good with plain black or white socks. See below for some examples.

 Draw inspiration from Tyler, The Creator. His long-sleeve Stussy polo, chinos, and sneakers are the perfect middle ground for form and function.

Draw inspiration from Tyler, The Creator. His long-sleeve Stussy polo, chinos, and sneakers are the perfect middle ground for form and function.

Ditch the Short-Sleeve Polo for a Long-Sleeve One

While there's nothing inherently wrong with short-sleeve polos, they are certainly better suited for warmer weather. Long-sleeve polos combine the sophistication of a polo shirt with the silhouette and comfort inherent of long sleeves. When casually worn with joggers or jeans they trick your outfit into looking more formal or put together than it is. But, you can indeed pair it just as well underneath a nice sports coat or blazer. However you choose to wear it, a long-sleeve polo shirt is a great way to bridge the form and function gap.

Wear a Flannel Over Your Hoodie

You have probably seen people wear jean jackets and bomber jackets over sweatshirts, but it's ok, you can do it with flannels too.  This trend has roots in east coast skate culture and is often done by A$AP Rocky,  Drake, and Kanye. Wearing a flannel over your hoodie is a unique way to stay warm while adding a colorful layer to your oufit. Stick to pairing a slim, solid-colored hoodie with a contrasting flannel. I'm all about breaking the rules and pushing boundaries, but whatever you do, PLEASE do not wear one of those flannels with the hoodie built into it...

Feminize Your Mostly Masculine Closet

Ah, millennial pink...The moral of this story is don't be scared to experiment and bend gender norms. No, we aren't telling you to go wear a dress and heels, but add some pops of color or flower prints—pastels work great, sling a bag over your shoulder, and/or wear longer garments that drape down your silhouette. These simple tweaks can add some flair to your wardrobe and help differentiate yourself from the crowd. Ironically, utilizing these tips may portray you as more masculine. Of course, there will always be the fools screaming "That's gay!", but it's almost 2018 and that shit just doesn't fly anymore. Be confident in your choices and maybe you'll soon see people copy you.

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