Our First Release

By: strangelooks

The "Swamp Dragons" collection of t-shirts will be available in burnt orange, light pink, and space grey. If you know the history of The Swamp Dragons you understand that it is a piece of history that never came to fruition. A long time before becoming the Brooklyn Nets, the NJ Nets almost changed their name to the NJ Swamp Dragons. The name went up for a league vote and every single team voted yes except for the Net's themselves. In blatant irony, it was shot down and voted against by its own creators. Here, we recreate this vision and give life to a bygone creature. Swamp Dragons are gritty, driven, and determined to do the hard work necessary to achieve great goals. Here is your change to own a piece of the swamp that never was.

How to Purchase

We are currently accepting preorders. You can view the full color selection at strangelooks.co/releases. If you already know what you want, go ahead and pre-order one Here.

The Future

Look out for a few more swamp dragon pieces in the future and stay tuned for our Swamp Dragon athletic wear.