Why You Should Listen to 100k

written by: Forrest bloom



100k has truly been on his grind and all hip-hop fans should give this EP the attention it deserves.


Because of the short length of an EP, it is essential that each track serve a purpose. Here, 100k does not disappoint. My favorite, Undiscovered, is catchy and accurately describes 100k’s current status as an undiscovered rapper. Ironically, as 100k builds his following, he will soon be performing “Undiscovered” as a “discovered” artist. The skits are well done and fit within the scope of the EP. Toward the end of the EP “Kim Possible” preaches hope and dedication, a common theme throughout the EP. 100k has truly been on his grind and all hip-hop fans should give this EP the attention it deserves. You can stream/purchase the EP on all major services: Spotify , iTunes.

We caught up with 100k to ask him a few questions and get a feel for his history. 

When did you decide to start rapping seriously?

100k: It started two years ago while I was at my friends house producing; he told me to hop on the track and it came out good. I have always had a nice voice ever since I took singing lessons back in elementary, but never pursued it. 

Who are your biggest influences?

100k: In music, definitely my dad, his drive and commitment. Drake with his melodies and The Weeknd with all of his music. I also like Migos and how their adlibs make the track totally different and unique. 

What’s the music scene like in Rhode Island for those who have never been?


100k: Honestly, there’s a lot of talent, but the hate over-powers that in the state. Everyone's trying to do it on their own instead of collaborating with others to make the state hot. That's why I try to attract out of state audiences because it's genuine love. People here will hop on the band wagon if your hot, but if you’re not then they won't even look your way. People love seeing you rise but hate when you get to your destination.

What’s next for 100k?

100k: I know what I’m capable of and where my music will take me. I’m certain that doors will open and eyes will turn as I get better and continue learning. I will use that to my advantage, so just expect my music to continue to drop!

100k (ahunnitk) ignites the scene with his debut EP 100k. It’s easy to “be a rapper,” but it’s much harder to develop the work ethic necessary to produce high quality content exemplified in this project. The beats and hooks are catchy, the lyrics well-written, and the sound quality is top notch. With melodies and lines reminiscent of Drake and The Weeknd, Rhode Island’s very own 100k has created a strong foundation to build a career upon.