A Boozy Starbucks Hack for (Responsible) Day Drinking

written by: strangelooks

We were vacationing for a long weekend in Los Angeles and were looking for a subtle and inconspicuous way to day drink. No, we aren't alcoholics, we just wanted to have a little fun. We all enjoy a nice cup of coffee (hot or iced) and a couple of us were on a Bailey's kick. Bailey's is normally added to coffee, so we decided to kick it up a notch.

A DIY Starbucks secret item

We explored downtown LA for a couple of hours and eventually wandered into a Target for some odds and ends. The great thing about being in LA (and not NJ) is that alcohol can be purchased almost anywhere. Also, Targets have Starbucks built inside.

We purchased our odds and ends and hit the liquor aisle in search of Bailey's (and Honey Jack). We snagged the Bailey's and started brainstorming for a mixer. We almost opted for the pre-bottled Starbucks Frappuccinos, but spotted the built-in Starbucks while we were checking out. Alas, we hopped in line and one of us had the brilliant idea of combining our Bailey's with iced mocha coffeeThe final order was a tall iced coffee with dark mocha syrup added. No cream or extra sugar. 


Serves 1


1 tall iced coffee

1-2 shots dark mocha syrup

Bailey's to taste

The rest is history. Simply drink some of the iced coffee and pour your desired serving size of Bailey's into the Starbucks cup. Be careful, don't drink it too fast. Indeed, it tastes like candy. Even our lone Bailey's hater enjoyed this drink. 

Caffeine + alcohol = Cosmo Kramer

The combination of caffeine and alcohol is definitely a classic. Red Bull + Vodka anyone? You'll be feeling tipsy, energized, and 100% ready for your vacation (or staycation). I think it's important to get iced coffee instead of cold brew because the extra caffeine in cold brew coffee might be a little much. But, whatever floats your boat, right?

Disclaimer: We only condone day drinking when done responsibly and ideally after you've tended to any responsibilities that you may have.