Camp Flog Gnaw was a Weekend in Utopia

written by: forrest bloom

Camp Flog Gnaw is an annual carnival of games, rides, and music curated by Tyler, The Creator. It’s ethos embraces individuality and promotes acceptance.

Get Your Flog Gnaw On

All you need to fit in is a short sleeve button down with a green GOLF hat and black Vans. Maybe some overalls too...definitely no bra. Lol, JK. Flog Gnaw was an amazing experience that gave us the opportunity to see some of our favorite musical artists in one place.  It was really cool to be somewhere you could walk around and not feel constantly judged. The two stages were rather far apart; BUT, there were rides, food, and games along the way so it was an entertaining walk.

I Feel Like Glitter

On Day 1, Tyler, The Creator put on an outstanding performance. No theatrics, no imagery, just a raw performance. He did most of the songs on Flower Boy and a few oldies too (we would have died if he performed the actual song Oldie). There were rumors surfacing that Frank Ocean was the unannounced “Special Guest.” Unfortunately, Frank Ocean did not show up. It was his birthday weekend, so I GUESS it’s understandable that he had other things to rocking a drag show in glitter pants. 

Please Don’t Touch My RAF

With 808s and mosh pits abound, one of the liveliest performances was A$AP Rocky on Day 2. He brought out Little Yachty, Famous Dex, and Tyler, The Creator. He even performed a few older songs for the OG fans. In a strange occurrence of shear luck, Strange Looks’ very own Ian caught Famous Dex’s shirt when he threw it into the crowd. 2 Chainz, with plenty of bangers, and Kid Cudi closed out the night. One of the coolest experiences was riding a Ferris wheel while watching Kid Cudi perform. 


A$AP Rocky brings out Little Yachty


Had a good time

We had a great time wandering through LA and Camp Flog Gnaw. The weather was perfect and it was a nice change of pace to be on the west coast for a few days. "Take me back to November." We look forward to going back to LA, and maybe next time we'll stop in Colorado.

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