Pluses and Minuses of the Week

+ Apple purchased Shazam. Voice recognition & virtual personal assistants are finally breaking past the point of where touchscreens were ten years ago. I want a person in my pocket and I want it now. Watching Apple & Google battle it out is always entertaining, but when they pull their dicks out of their pocketbooks my eyes are locked. Apple can finally compete with Google's Pixel Two, and we can only hope Apple upgrades the scud-missile-esque Siri into something that recognizes actual speech.

- Oh, the pitfalls of holiday parties. I don’t want to see you today, tomorrow, or anytime really... So, I don’t understand why that would change on a holiday. I get it, we're all happy, everybody is in a light-hearted mood, but seeing you only brings me down. Why should I be forced—during a time where I am genuinely  happy—to get dressed emotionally & physically to engage you, someone who’s funeral I would not even go to. Thus, I’ll give you the gift of honesty and you can give me the gift of keeping my own personal time.

- The proposal to repeal Net Neutrality is still on the table. Furthermore, the FCC & FTC have partnered together and proposed a plan to "police the internet."

+ Time wrote an awesome article on their person of the year: "The Silence Breakers." What a step up from last year's person of the year!...

People reveling in sports injuries. Sports are a game. The teams don’t even represent your city besides the happenstance of their location and namesake. So when someone gets hurt, and you retweet the ESPN article about it with hearts and smiley faces, the only thing that people see is someone that is happy now that a "rival" is hurt. Why don’t you go back and live in your cave.

- It was discovered that the mother of Keaton Jones is a racist. Here's the GoFundMe.

 The photo that sunk the ship.

The photo that sunk the ship.


+ I watched a cool Spotify video of Mike Dean producing "Good Drank."