Pluses and Minuses of the Week

+ At the hand of Tom Delonge, musician and UFO researcher, the government is finally admitting to funding a $22 million dollar program for researching "advanced aerospace threats." Aliens exist. 

⁃ injuries suck. i'm used to being hurt but now i'm hurt out of falling, i need life alert. i hurt my knee the same way old people get pneumonia & die. i don't wanna get old if getting old is breaking. i'm slowly getting the body of an nfl running back. 

+ I got my favorite chocolates (Lindt) as a gift this week.

+ I have a new girlfriend, and couldn’t be happier.

St. Mary’s Medical Center and Central Financial Control, a debt collection agency, are both owned by Tenet Healthcare Corp. Not a good combo... They are struggling to make money providing medical care, so they enter the lucrative world of debt collection.

+ The weather has been in the mid 40s, which means I can skate my mini-ramp.

+ I'll be a full-time student next semester, so I can get those loans$$$$$!!!

- Freedom Mortgage is being investigated by the government for predatory lending.

- me giving you a gift isn't me being your debit card. you don't get to tell me what you exactly want & than just gain access to it on the 25th. i'll obsess over minute details & squeeze gold. you'll love it too, i promise, & if not it's always the thought that counts. 

+ Almost Christmas.