Our New Year's Resolutions

written by: strangelooks


Drink more water. It only makes sense; our bodies' are 60%+ water and most of ya'll are running around looking thirsty as hell anyway...

Drink less alcohol. Sure, it's fun every now and then, but too much leaves me feeling disoriented, tired, thirsty, unable to digest food correctly, unproductive, sluggish, lazy, and unconcerned. 

Maintain, to the best of my ability, a healthy sleep schedule. Sleep is essential for proper brain function and creativity. In moderation, staying up late is fine, but constantly going to sleep after midnight starts to wear on me. It's a slippery slope, indeed.


My resolution is to not have any.  No 180's. No targets. But, I will attempt to make the best choices possible under the circumstances, whatever they may be.

I'm not looking for an on and off, 1 or 0, but want sustainable changes that run deeper than committing to going to the gym every day (but I do want to work out every day). I also want to keep a healthy diet. On the other hand, 2018 didn't make me instantly hate pizza, but finding balance is key. So, I guess I do have a resolution, moderation.


After a meditation session with the intent of finding what baggage to leave behind, I wrote a list of my baggage. Then, I took a moonlight stroll through the woods to see the frozen Shark River pond. Knowing there would be a campfire going, I brought the list with me. I clenched the list in my hand, focusing all intent and positive energy towards it, and then I dropped it in the fire.


I'd like to lose some weight. I'm not going to put a number on it because a healthy body composition is so much more than that. Instead, I plan to focus my energy on making healthier decisions; such as eating more vegetables, replacing beef with turkey or chicken, and sticking to my workout plan.


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