Pluses & Minuses

- We got robbed, kinda. We were too polite to stop fix the situation, really. We gave the waiter cash for the bill with saying he’ll be back with the cash, but all we got was a warm thanks for a generous tip. What the fuck do you do now? Have them fish the tip out of their jar?

+ 2018 hitting hard with releases from Long Neck (it's a playthrough but milky way is the repeat), SiR's November which is a nice branch of the modern RnB tree, & lastly Jeff Rosenstock's surprise release POST- which we so kindly received free of charge.

+ 2018 also looks primed to keep coming with the imminent release of New Jersey's Well Wisher entrance. Members assembling from forgone bands; now they possess one of the best sounds coming up.

- Cardio is life, not really but I can’t stop the daily dread when it’s part of my daily workout. Everyone has what they excel in, what they enjoy, & cardio is neither.    

- The best outcome in the Superbowl is an Eagles win; for the streets of Philly will flood with the salty tears of Brady's. The shenanigans can only go up from here.

- Fuck you Grammys. Fuck you and your non-existent understanding of genre. Fuck you for going too far. How are you giving best RnB track to what is essentially a cabal of pop writers fronted by Bruno Mars over RedBone by Childish Gambino? That's what I like is a pop song with RnB elements, but I don't know who's sillier: the Grammys for their poor choices or me for expecting any better? Congrats to Kendrick Lamar though.

+ Ever Upward, coming off of an unsuspecting loss to the Philadelphia Fusion, the New York Excelsior (NYXL for short) knocked off the #1 Ranked Seoul Dynasty in their Overwatch League match last Friday.