Pluses and Minuses of the Week

+ Snow days!

- Somebody, a very transient girlfriend of a friend, stole the exact tattoo that I was going to get. I showed it to her on my phone and—not really sure what she was doing—accidentally let her take a picture of it using her own phone. She proceeded to give the picture to the tattoo artist and got it right on her left arm. What a shitty thing to do...

+ A member of strangelooks had a birthday this week.

⁃ Waiting. I'm super impatient. I want everything now, especially if there is only artificial reasons to wait. I just stay fixated on whatever i'm waiting for until it passes.

⁃ /+ Cutting people out of your life is so key. Being nice doesn't merit friendship. I've been cutting people out left & right, and I'm much better off.

- A hangover from hell that knocked me out for 24 hours.

- Getting kicked out of a bar that we frequent.The night before the hangover we were out at our go-to bar. Toward the end of our night, I was pretty drunk and sat on a bench with my head in my hands, trying desperately to gather my senses. A bouncer walks over.

Bouncer: Hey, are you guys ok? do you need anything?

Friend: We're ok, but he could use some water. *referring to me*

Bouncer: Ok just follow me...

We follow the bouncer and he leads us right out of the emergency exit door into a blizzardly terror of ice, snow, and a windchill below 0, shutting the door behind us. Obviously, our night was over. Thank God for Uber.

Fire and Fury came out and most people, including us, are excited to read it.