Jeff Sessions' Vendetta Against Marijuana

People like weed, get over it. At the very least, we need policies changed to treat weed as equivalent to alcohol and tobacco.

written by: Forrest bloom & elijah bennete

Jeff Sessions repealing the Cole Memo is as equally a terrifying attack on our democracy as the FCC repealing Net Neutrality. I won’t go deep into the details, but you can read about it almost anywhere. Essentially, this shifts federal policy on cannabis from the earlier hands off approach to now giving individual federal prosecutors the power to choose if and how they crack down on cannabis possession, distribution, and cultivation.

But Why?

I’d like to postulate that the root of the problem is America’s relationship with alcohol, one of the the most destructive drugs of all. It incites violence and costs us billions in healthcare. Specifically, $249 billion as of data from 2010.  However, our nation was metaphorically founded by alcohol. It fueled our founding fathers, and it fuels many of society's current leaders. The alcohol industry is happily married to our government and they don't take kind to the ever-growing cannabis industry encroaching on their space. From alcoholism to hungover workers, alcohol is a net negative to society. So, why can't marijuana be treated the same as alcohol?

Weed > Alcohol

While neither are ideal, I’d much rather be a pothead than an alcoholic. Cannabis sparks curiosity and creativity; alcohol fills you with arrogance, greed, and a false sense of power. It is the true drug of the patriarchy and it promotes those damaging values that we are trying to change as a society. Sure, in moderation alcohol is quite fine, but we’re Americans, we do nothing in moderation. When looking at the upper extremes of both drugs, marijuana clearly “wins.” Why, then, do we have a constant attack on weed smokers and the cannabis industry? 

The War on Drugs is Outdated

I'm tired of defending myself, weed, and the American ethos. If I smoke weed, who cares? Why do you care so much? Isn't imposing your will on me antithetical to the personal freedoms that America harbors? Or, is your willful ignorance, at best, corruption at worst, more American than my personal desires?

There isn't even a conversation to be had because you, Mr. Jeff Sessions, choose not to live in reality. Placing heroin and weed in the same space should immediately invalidate you and remove your opinion from the collective consciousness of our government. But, here we are with you, an unelected official, spitting on the basic American premise of personal freedoms. 

States' Rights and Balanced Budgets

What happened to your partisan views of states' rights & balanced budgets? Are you not attacking your own parties ideals, the very same party that claims to truly embody the American proletariat? By overindulging yourself with a God complex you are showing that the Union is dissolved, and in its place is our federal government telling us what's morally and fiscally right. But, I'm sure there's a good reason, right?

Actually, there's not. Beyond your willful ignorance and back-door payments you don't exist, which is even more frustrating. There is no battle or conversation. Money talks and you don't participate in reality. Despairingly, all we are left to do is wait and watch as you strip our nation of the very liberties it was founded upon, for whatever reasons you may have.