What Are The Best Rolling Papers?

If you walk into a gas station or smoke shop you’ll likely find a large selection of rolling papers for sale. You might see brands like Elements, Rizla, Raw, EZ Widers, and Zig Zag. Most people are pretty loyal to whichever brand they choose to use, so read below to see where our loyalty lies.

written by: Forrest Bloom



We are discussing OCB papers to show you a failed attempt at creating a rolling paper. Frankly, these papers are trash. I never experienced a joint “not work” until I used OCB papers. I sprinkled my herb in, held the filter in place, and continued to roll up like normal. The freshly rolled joint looked impeccable; like something out of a damn magazine or movie. I proceed to light up, excited to smoke this beautiful piece of art, and to my surprise it failed to light or pull correctly. It wasn’t too tight or too loose, and I’m not sure if this was a dud batch of papers, but we won’t be using these OCB’s anymore. Why did we even purchase them you ask? We were swindled by a new worker at our local smoke shop who insisted that these were “the employee favorite” and “better than RAW.” Blasphemy...



Apparently, Bambú began in 1764 as a company that manufactured Bible pages. In perhaps the greatest business pivot in the universe they began manufacturing cigarette papers in Europe! Now, they make awesome rolling papers. These guys have a pretty cool aesthetic and a well-designed instagram page to back it up. We like these because they are easy to roll, decently sized (bigger than normal but not as big as king size), and aren’t too harsh. These are easily our favorite papers that aren’t RAW. 



Praised for their smoothness and ease of rolling, RAW papers are indeed the best. They are not overhyped. They are made with unbleached fibers so they exhibit a light brown natural color. They are easy to roll, extremely smooth, and burn slow and even. The supreme ones, because they are creaseless, are perhaps the most even-burning papers of all. If you’ve never smoked RAW papers before, then you truly are missing out on a great joint experience. No, we aren't sponsored or endorsed by RAW. If we were then we'd have strangelooks x RAW papers by now, trust me.

Stay elevated, my friends