Pluses & Minuses

- We didn't get to go to our favorite pizza spot this week.

+ We played some good 3v3 and 4v4 half-court basketball.

- Got pulled over by the cops...

+ A new cannabis legalization bill  was introduced in New Jersey. This one sets the state dispensary limit to a much more reasonable 400, with 10 in each district.

+ I ordered an awesome new iMac.

⁃ NOT HAVING ANYTHING TO WRITE ABOUT. What the fuck kinda life is it to not have anything interesting to write about? I saw some funny reddit memes?!?! That's what i'm doing with my time???

- Goodwills ruined themselves pursuing money making them an lcd monitor grave yards. Their pricing system seems based on 2005 values mixed with how many commercials employees have seen for the product. They're exploiting their subsidized labor, tax breaks, & free fucking inventory while perverting charity. 

+ I did find some cool stuff there though. i'm part of the problem.

+ We had a lot of fun doing these Kanye West, Drake, and Frank Ocean March Madness brackets.

+ New York Excelsior(#2) is playing Seoul Dynasty(#1) in a competitive Overwatch match.