Pluses & Minuses

written by: strangelooks

+ My new computer arrived and it's fabulous.

- People at my day job who try to tell ME how to do my job, even though I've been doing this job for two years.


+ Video games are cool again. I might even get a ps4. Side note, I saw a meme saying Halo 2 is better than Halo 3. Halo 2 is great but Halo 3 is a more fleshed out Halo 2. It does everything better. #delete #that #tweet

- Ageism is a thing.

Black Panther ($605 million sales) is second only to The Avengers ($623 million sales) for the best selling super-hero movie of all time.

- Why hasn’t reddit gone the way of digg? Every other message board is nazi’s now sans tumblr. I’ve been going to bodybuilding & gamefaqs, someone please build a better world.

Seven Seconds, a Netflix original series, was an outstanding watch. We won't drop any spoilers, but the ending effectively sparks a deep debate about race and police in America.