Pluses & Minuses

+ We had Popeye's today and it was amazing.

+ Tyler, the Creator released a new song, Okra, which is accompanied by a refreshing DIY video.

+ In NJ, the medical cannabis program was expanded to be available for chronic pain, anxiety, and migraines. The future is here: going to the doctor and getting a card California style. I'm really excited at the thought of going to a store to get weed, not being scared to have weed, and finally being able to fully enjoy it. 

 - The process hurts the process...what the fuck? How is Markelle Fultz going to come right back to break the shit out of Embid's face? They made it, Hinke brought them to the promised land—the playoffs. Simmons looks like Magic. Saric is Klay light. LeBron is coming next year and now Embid's face is all broken. The Sixers can't have anything nice. 

+ The James Webb Space Telescope should be finished being built by the end of this year.

+ It's Spring Break for some.

+ We released a cool interview with Heavyweight Apparel of NYC, a company dedicated to empowering America’s marginalized Black community.