Pluses & Minuses

+ I watched an awesome interview of Jeff Ellis who worked with Frank Ocean and engineered Channel Orange. He discusses his career, mixing techniques, and music philosophy. Another good interview was Aphex Twin (Richard James) interviewing Tatsuya Takahashi (advisor for Korg and the mastermind behind many of their synthesizers). It's a must read for anybody interested in synthesizers, electronics, and/or Aphex Twin.

+ Getting all my papers together to make the government work! Getting my passport renewed, applying for visas, and starting the process to change my name. It’s neat to utilize our resources around us to create our own world. Too easily we can slip into our own world, making it infinitely smaller through answering our own questions instead of getting out there & letting the world inform us.

+ We started watching a new show, Seven Seconds, on Netflix. It's based in Jersey City and deals with the ever-so-relevant tension between cops and black men. Specifically, I like the unique blend of characters and contrasting viewpoints.

- My job assignment got switched at the last minute and I had to work somewhere that I typically don't like to work at. Ah, isn't it annoying when things don't go as planned? But, time to time it's beneficial to make yourself do things that you dislike, so they say...

+ Figuring stuff out takes awhile & you’re never quite finished, but as they say it’s the journey not the destination & the journey has a map now. Taking some time to figure my direction, wants, & such is now coming to a climax featuring actual actualization! 

+ Closing doors isn’t a zero sum game; each closing provides finality for something while giving direction to others. The doors behind me allow me to focus on my past & go forward to see what’s behind door #2. It’s easy to get lost in the infinite, paralyzed by choice. But inaction is an action, an action resulting in stagnation so might as well starting walking through some doors.

+ I went to see The Expendables on the tenth anniversary of their self-titled album. I was introduced to them ten years ago when I saw them open for Less Than Jake when they were touring for their self-titled album.

Jordan Peele was the first black screenwriter to win an Oscar for best original screenplay for Get Out.

+ I got a snow day while everybody else had to go to school!

+ Hired a better DJ for our event; one that fits our vision and personality much better than the previous one we had hired.

- You can't stream Dragon Ball Super on any major streaming services.