Frank Ocean, the Wait is Endless

written by: Forrest Bloom

On Cyber Monday, 2017, Frank Ocean released a few Endless products on his website Two of my friends, knowing that I'm a diehard "confirmed wavy" Frank Ocean stan, separately purchased something on Cyber Monday in the hopes of giving it to me as a Christmas present. Well, Christmas soon arrived, but the Endless vinyl and VHS did not. Hmm...then I thought maybe (hopefully) it'd be here by my birthday—which comes soon after Christmas. Nope. I don't understand; the shipping timeframe was 6-8 weeks...Well, friends, I sit here no sooner than 126 days after ordering and I have not yet received my vinyl or VHS. Many other fans are just as confused and upset

I get it, sometimes things get backed up and delayed, but a statement would be nice. Even a "hey guys, they're backordered but coming soon" type of thing. I understand Mr. Ocean's resistance to public limelight, and we're very lucky to have seen him perform at Panorama, but can we at least get a Tumblr post update? Anything...please.

In the mean time, I'll reflect on these videos I took during Panorama last year.

*Edit: My DVD and CD shipped!