Pluses & Minuses

+ It's been 50 years since MLK's I Have a Dream speech. 

+ The lineup for the Sea.Hear.Now festival in Asbury Park was recently announced.

- Spring break is almost over...

- It's still much too cold for April in NJ. It's been winter for like three years out here. 

+ The Voidz, formerly Julian Casablancas + the Voidz, just released they’re second album Virtue. As expected, Casablancas is being experimental with his vocals, particularly with his use of autotune, and with the musical arrangement and structure. The album is fairly messy, with somewhat abrasive guitar solos, but it still manages to flow and it sounds better after multiple listens.

+ Fortnite is awesome. People tried to make this kinda game before with MAG, but this is magic. 100 people all for themselves in an interactive purge, and it's over right after you die. It's never boring. 

+ I'm rewatching Breaking Bad & it's the most fun thing ever. I get sweaty thinking about it; how can it be this suspenseful the third time through? Even better, there's so many nuances to pick up on. 

+ Kanye is cooking again. He was hanging out with Rick Rubin (side note: why does he have a Hagrid x Santa Clause vibe?) hopefully hard at work. I hope we get summer Kanye.

- I still haven't received my Endless vinyl or VHS...