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Contemplating Our Future

By: strangelooks

Ah, the things we do for fun. Starting Strange Looks has been a time-consuming, but enjoyable process. There are a lot of projects and ideas that we are currently working on. Here are a few sneak peeks:


Kaleidoscope is a modern montage examining hope and despair from different perspectives. It can be rather heavy at times, but we are nonetheless very excited to share it with you.

Web Series

We are currently writing a web series about a group of millennials transitioning from college to the real world. The mood is raw, funny, and undeniably relatable. 


Everybody's favorite thing, music. We will be releasing music through our bandcamp page. Stay tuned here and on our Twitter for releases.

More Fashion

The Swamp Dragons culmination will likely be a Swamp Dragons basketball jersey. We are happy that Swamp Dragons is coming to life, but we have many more fashion ideas to implement. We don't want to give away too much info, but we do want you to understand our vision and that we are working hard to put quality creations into the world.

You can support our creative endeavors by purchasing a swamp dragons t-shirt and use THANKSFORREADING for free shipping.

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